Why we love the Christmas special so much

The Christmas special was a major hit for Fox and ABC, which combined a holiday episode with the most beloved and highest-rated TV show of all time.

Now, a new book about the event has just been released.

Written by the acclaimed and Emmy-winning film director David Cronenberg, The Christmas Special: A Film by David Cronenweth and David Wurmser tells the story of how Fox and the rest of the network came to produce and air the special.

A major hit, it became one of the best-reviewed TV shows of all-time and was broadcast for nearly 20 years on all major networks.

The special also won three Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Variety Series.

But Fox has never shared the story behind the special’s creation, how it got its name and why it’s been celebrated for decades.

“The story of the Christmas Special is a fascinating and fascinating one, one that I’ve always wanted to tell,” Cronenberg told Business Insider.

“I was a fan of it growing up and I wanted to make a documentary about it, but I never got the chance to do it.

I was in the early stages of doing my first film, and the studio told me it would be impossible for me to make it without some financial help.

I asked what they would give me if I did.

They said, ‘I’ll give you a million dollars.

If you do this, I’ll give me a million more.’

And so I did.”

Cronenberg said he was able to fund the project because he was in his mid-20s and had to leave his successful career behind for this project.

“It’s like a dream come true,” he said.

“When you’re in your 20s and you want to make something, you have to make some sacrifices.”

Cronenenberg wrote the script, with the help of longtime Fox executive John Callas, based on his own childhood.

Cronenberg wrote it with the goal of producing a film with a greater impact on the industry than The Christmas Spectacular.

“A lot of the people who were in the room were doing their own little version of it,” Cronenberg said.

He said the special was also based on the experiences of many people who worked on the special, including producer/director/star Mark Duplass, who wrote the pilot script.

The final episode of the special aired in January 1978, just one month after the premiere of The Godfather Part II.

“We had a lot of fun shooting it,” Duplass said.

When the series premiered, Cronenberg was working on his second feature film, a TV series about the life of his late mother, actress Marlene Dietrich, called A Christmas Carol.

“People would come up to me at the airport and say, ‘Hey, I saw your film about Marlene.

I want to meet you,'” Cronenberg recalled.

“And I would go, ‘No, you didn’t do that.

You didn’t even meet her.'”

Cronenberg’s film was never made, but the special made it to a small number of cinemas around the world.

It was broadcast on ABC in the United Kingdom, with ABC News in the US.

It debuted in December 1980, just as the Cold War was ending and the Cold Warrior program was starting to air.

It became the most watched program in the history of television, according to ABC News.

ABC had an agreement with CBS and NBC to air the Christmas Spectacle on their airwaves.

But after CBS lost an appeal from the Justice Department in late 1989, the Christmas specials became unavailable for the American people to see on CBS.

Cronenbaum said that ABC was very upset.

“CBS went through a lot because they didn’t want to be left out,” he recalled.

Cronberg wrote the film in a year that would see the first major backlash against the network.

The Christmas specials was a big deal, and a lot people in America weren’t happy with it.

Cronenburg said the network wanted the special to air as soon as possible after the Cold Warriors’ premiere.

He thought it would make more sense to air it when the Cold Wars were still fresh on viewers’ minds.

“They were so worried about the ratings,” he told Business Insider.

“So they were worried about that, they wanted it to be the big event in the fall, they were like, ‘It’s too late.’

And they went to all these people, who are like, we’re not giving it a chance, they’re like, you know what?

You can’t get it out now.

You can get it tomorrow, but if it’s going to be big and popular and people are going to watch it, we have to do something.

We had to make an exception, we had to do a special.”

Cronberg said he believed that a few people at ABC felt strongly about the special and wanted it aired.

“There was a certain amount of resistance to that,” Cronberg told BusinessInsider.

He did not say