Which festival is next in line for the next major?

Autumn festival guy (left) and his friend (right) celebrate the first day of autumn festival.

(Supplied: Andrew Rannells) Autumn festival guys and their friends celebrated the first of autumn festivals, moonrise festival and festival on Friday morning, but the festival organisers are struggling to keep up with demand.

Festival organiser Andrew Rannaells said festival organisers were trying to attract more people from outside Melbourne, particularly from the south-west.

“We’ve had a great response so far, and we’ve had to try and get more people to come into our tent,” Mr Rannaell said.

“We’ve also had some of our staff go back to work, but we still have people who are wanting to come to the festival.”

Mr Rannell said he was hopeful the festival would start to see more people, but added the festival was still in the early stages.

He said there was a “pretty decent” demand for festival passes.

In the past, Mr Rannels family had travelled from south-east Queensland for the festival, and he said his family’s experience was that it was difficult to find a hotel room in the north-east of Melbourne.

Mr Tulloch said he hoped to be able to offer his family a festival pass for the first time, but he was worried about the long queues at his local hotel.

His sister Emma Tulloh, who was travelling with her husband, has already been told she has to wait in line at the hotel to check in, Mr Tulloog said.

Ms Tullow’s family is not expecting to get a festival ticket, but they will be staying in hotels near the festival.

She said she would be more than happy to be a part of a line if they were able to get one.

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