What’s on the cards in 2017’s Halloween Festival?

What’s On The Cards In 2017’s 2018 Halloweens Festival is just around the corner, and the festivities will be even bigger this year with more than 100 different activities, including food, music, live entertainment, and a costume contest.

Read on to find out what you can expect this year.1.

Live Music2.

Food, Music, & More3.

Halloween Festival4.

The Costume Contest5.

Costume Contest6.

Halloween Parade7.

Live Fireworks8.

Hallowee Festival9.

Halloween Masquerade10.

Halloween Party11.


Halloween Ball13.

Halloween Fun Run14.

Halloween Costume Contest15.

Halloween Movie Show16.

Halloween Night16.

Hallows Eve Celebration17.

Hallowed Night Celebration18.

Hallowneen Party19.

Halloweeen Food20.

Halloween Fest21.

Hallof Fest