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Valentine Week List 2018 Dates And Schedule : The loveliest week of the year i.e Valentine’s week or say Love Week is just a month from now. The week starts from 7th of February and ends oh 14th of February. The love or Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finishes with the Valentines Day. Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world. It is  considered as the day of lovers.

Valentine week is mainly celebrated among the youngsters with great joy and excitement. Every day of  Valentines Week is celebrated in a special way representing a special event to be celebrated to make the valentine week  special in every possible way. All those who are in love wait for this day to impress their loved ones and make them feel special.

In this article, I am going to provide you all the day falling in Valentines week. So Check out the Valentine Week List 2018 Dates.

Valentines Week List 2018 Dates And Schedule Timetable Full List

  1. Rose Day: Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. Download Happy Rose Day Images In HD
  2. Propose Day: Thursday, February 8th, 2018. Happy Propose Day Images 2018
  3. Chocolate Day: Friday, February 9th, 2018. Happy Chocolate Day Images
  4. Teddy Day: Saturday, February 10th, 2018. Teddy Day 2018 Images, Wishes, Quotes, SMS
  5. Promise Day: Sunday, February 11th, 2018. Happy Promise Day 2018 Images, Wishes, Quotes
  6. Hug Day: Monday, February 12th, 2018. Happy Hug Day 2018 Images HD, Wishes, Quotes, SMS
  7. Kiss Day: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018. Happy Kiss Day 2018 Images, Wishes, Quotes, SMS
  8. Valentine’s Day: Wednesday, February 14th, 2018. Happy Valentines Day Images 2018

Let Us Discuss These Valentine Week List 2018 In Detail

Rose Day 2018 (1st Day Of Valentine Week 2018)

Rose Day is the first day of Valentine Week 2018. This day shared the notion of love, where you can propose to your love by offering him or her red rose or roses. The tale believed as the origin of the Valentine’s week is many.

People celebrate this day by giving red roses to their loved ones. Rose Day is celebrated with happiness, joy and enthusiasm among younger generation who try to propose to their girlfriend by giving roses.

The myth Behind Rose Day, 1st Day Of Valentine Week List 2018

There is an amusing story concern to roses on rose day. If closely follow the letters in “rose” if you will realize if the letters are arranged in a certain manner it will spell “Eros” who is celebrated as the God of love. The Greek mythology tells that red rose is the favorite flower of the Goddess Venus, who is written as the goddess of love.

So let yourself fly in love air, find your true love in a crowd, or who has been already wet in love rain, will encounter with their best cherished moments in your life. Buy a bucket full of roses, hand those over to those people who been into heart for a long time. Let the roses do the rest, and you let yourself loose in your lover’s arms.

Meaning Of Different Rose Colors

valentine week 2018

Propose Day 2018 (2nd Day Of Valentine Week 2018)

propose day 2018 date

The second day in the Valentine Week list 2018 is Propose Day which is celebrated on 8th February. This is the perfect day for people to propose their girlfriends or loved ones. Propose the girl or boy whom you love by saying I Love You. If your love for someone is true then he/she will definitely accept it. So go ahead and open your heart and propose whom you love without thinking of the outcome.

Chocolate Day 2018 (3rd Day Of Valentine Week List 2018)

chocolate day 2018 date

The third day of Valentine Week List 2018 is Chocolate Day. It is celebrated on 9 February. On this day, People offer chocolates to their loved ones. Chocolates are considered as the best gift to offer someone whom you love. And Valentine week without chocolates will be of no importance. So offer your loved ones with lots and lots of chocolate, and yes, do not forget to express your love towards them!

If you have not express the feeling towards your loved ones on Propose day then Chocolates day is best to express your loved towards him/her. Dont miss this time again. Offer your loved ones the choice of chocolate he/she like and make them happy.

Teddy day 2018 (4th Day Of Valentine Week 2018)

teddy day 2018 date

Teddy day is the fourth day of Valentines Week List. It is celebrated on 10 February. On this day, Boys gives teddy to their girlfriend or loved ones. Teddies are considered as the key to girls heart. They love teddy toys too much. So after giving them chocolates, make her more happier by giving teddies.

So boys, mark the date 10 Feb and give your girlfriend the best teddy and make her more happier.

Promise Day 2018 (5th Day Of Valentine Week 2018)

promise day 2018 date

Promise Day is the fifth day of Valentine Week List. It is celebrated on 11 Feb. On this day, the loving couple make promises to each other that they will live forever.

A promise plays a vital role in a relationship and fulfilling the promise is the second most important step to keep a healthy relationship going. As it is said, Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. Love comes with a list of responsibilities, promises and commitments. Making big promises does not make your relationship complete but fulfilling them with utmost dedication and keeping the trust factor alive does. A true relationship is when both keeps the promise till the last. A successful relationship is that people never give up on their partner and tries to solve things out, but the effort should be from both the side.

Hug Day 2018 (6th Day Of Valentine Week 2018)

hug day 2018 date

Hug Day is celebrated just two days before Valentine’s Day. It is the sixth day of Valentines Week List. It is celebrated on 12 February. This day gives you a precious chance to express your never-ending love towards your beloved with a warm and tight hug. A hug is nothing but an expression of affection, care and protection. So just go ahead and give your loved ones a tight hug.

Kiss Day 2018 (7th Day Of Valentine Week List 2018)

kiss day 2018 date

Kiss day is the seventh day of valentines week which falls just a day before valentines day. It is celebrated on 13 February. It is the most popular day of Valentine week (most probably). On this day the couples kisses each other. That day becomes the most memorable day for them. They never forget that particular day. Kissing is the sweetest gesture to express love, feeling towards someone. So go ahead and turn your kiss on Kiss Day into a romantic and memorable day.

Valentine Day 2018 (8th Day or Last Date Of Valentine Week 2018)

valentine week list 2018

valentine week list 2018

Valentine Day, the most popular day in Valentine Week list holds a lot of importance for the couples. It is the last day of the Valentine Week List and celebrated on 14 February. It is the day for which every true loving couples eagerly waits. Couples go on date, spends time with each other, hangout. Every couples try to make this day a memorable one.

Final Words :

Valentine Day is an extremely important date for the couples or those who has feeling for someone. If you feeling for someone then go ahead and express your feeling towards her/him. Is he/she accepts it then it will be the most memorable day in your life. This will feels your hearth with joy and hapiness. If he/she rejects you then dont worry, just wait for the right time and for right soulmate.

Hope you like this article on Valentine Week List 2018 Dates And Schedule. We wish you a Happy Valentines Week 2018 in Advance.