The Greek Fest is the perfect time to catch a Greek festival

A Greek festival that happens around the time of Easter is called the “Golden Festival”.

It has traditionally taken place on the eve of the summer solstice, with the festivities taking place in the Greek capital of Athens.

The Golden Festival has taken place since the 17th century, and is celebrated annually in the summer.

There is no shortage of things to do during the festival, from concerts, to fireworks, to music.

It’s also a great time to visit the Greek coast, and the Aegean Sea.

However, this year, the Golden Festival is getting a lot bigger than usual.

According to the website of the Athens International Festival Association, this weekend, there will be an extra 1,500 festival participants.

This means more people will be able to see everything that happens in the city of Athens, which is home to the International Olympic Committee.

The International Olympic committee also hosts a large festival in the country called the International Festival of Greek Culture, which takes place every year from March through May.

In addition, there are events in other parts of the country, such as the annual International Festival in Liguria.

The Greek festival has become one of the most popular events in Greece, with festivals being held around the country every year.

For this reason, there is an International Golden Festival that is held in the southern region of the island of Crete.

There, the festival attracts thousands of tourists every year, with some of the events taking place at the site of the ancient temple of Apollo.

There are also many activities on offer for those who want to get a little more out of the Golden Festa.

For example, there’s the popular Greek music festival, the Festival of the Music, which starts on Monday.

There’s also the Greek Festival of Nightlife, which kicks off on Saturday.

As you can see, this festival is one of those things that will leave a lasting impression on you.

It is also a huge source of entertainment for the locals.

It was also the site where Greek soldiers fought in the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, and it is a famous place to see ancient Greek artifacts, such the statue of Zeus, and ancient monuments.

It has also been the site for many of the more recent wars between Greece and Turkey.

One of the best places to see all of these things is in the Athens area, but the festival has also spread around the world.

In recent years, the annual Greek festival of the Sea has become a major tourist attraction in the Mediterranean region.

The festival attracts tens of thousands of people each year, and this year’s festival is going to be bigger than ever.

The event is being held at the ancient harbour of Samos in Samos, Greece.

This year, there have been many festivals taking place, with different groups coming together to celebrate the Golden Gods and other Greek gods.

There will be the usual festival music and fireworks, as well as other events, including the traditional traditional Greek fireworks festival.

The fireworks are made of firecrackers, which are then lit up in the sky.

The idea is that the fireworks will cause people to sing, and then everyone in the surrounding area will also sing.

In a way, this is an attempt to create a more intimate atmosphere.

As the Greek festival approaches, there can be a sense of tension in the air.

Many are worried about the impact that the Golden festivals will have on the local tourism, and if this happens, they will also try to control the events as much as possible.

One person said that the festival will be better for the tourism industry than other Greek festivals, as the events will be easier to manage.

Some believe that the influx of tourists to the island is going too far.

According the Tourism Ministry, there were 9,766 visitors to Greece last year, compared to 3,813 in 2016.

The tourist influx has caused a lot of trouble for local businesses, and some locals are also concerned about the potential for the festival to be a source of crime.

Many people are worried that the event will turn into an anti-immigrant festival.

There have been concerns expressed about the festival in recent days, and on Sunday, some people gathered outside the city’s main station to protest against the festival.

According a report by The Local, the protesters held signs reading “Golden festival, don’t touch us”.

There are some Greek people who are worried too, but they do not want to leave the island.

Many have also gathered to demonstrate against the Golden festival, and one woman even got arrested.

One woman, who is also the owner of a business in the area, told the local paper, “We are trying to protect our livelihoods, and so we have been protesting outside the gates.”

In a country where tourism is a mainstay, this type of protest is not a new thing.

The issue is that this protest is being taken too far, and many people are angry.

According one local resident, “I am against this festival