Sun City Festival to host festival for young people, women and other groups

Hove Music Festival has announced plans to host the Sun City festival for two weeks this year.

Hove Music Festivals founder Simon McLean says the festival will host a “family-friendly festival”.

“I’m really excited about this idea of creating something that’s inclusive of everyone,” Mr McLean said.

“We’re going to have two weeks of families in the sun, music, dancing, people of all ages.”

“It’s going to be a family-friendly, family-driven festival, so we want to do it with everyone.”

So there’s lots of family-play opportunities, lots of music.

“It will be a great way for people to get out of their homes and get out in the city.”

Sun City Festival will also include a festival at the Odeon Theatre for adults.

“We’ve got some fantastic performers, a very diverse and eclectic line-up,” Mr McNally said.

He said the festival would be a celebration of the sun.

Hove is a tourist attraction with an annual attendance of about 1,000 people.

It is expected to attract up to 1,600 people for the festival.

The festival will also host a music festival at Old Mill Studios on Monday.

Mr McNally says he hopes the festival and music festival will attract “a lot of different people”.

“We have lots of people from all walks of life, a lot of kids, and we’re going for all ages,” he said.

The festival was named the city’s “Best of the Year” in 2015 and in 2018 the event was named “Best Musical Festival” in both regions.

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