Amazing Rose Day 2018 Messages and SMS For Facebook,Whatsapp

Lovely Happy Rose Day 2018 Messages and Rose Day SMS: You can pour your love to your Valentine and Apart from Roses, make your Rose Day so special and unique by sending some Rose Day 2018 Messages, Wishes, and Quotes from our lovely collection of beautiful Rose Day.

rose day sms 2018

rose day 2018 messages, rose day sms


Yellow to show our happiness,
White to show our purity,
Black to show our darkest secrets,
And red to show our love.

There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love. Happy Rose Day Dear.

Happy Rose Day,!!!to my wife
Love is like a rose. It looks beautiful on
the outside.. but there is always pain
hidden somewhere.

Any one can Love a Rose,
But no one will love a Leaf,
that made the Rose,
Dont Love some one who is beautiful,
but Love the one who can make UR Life beautiful,

Sweet short message by a True Lover I am MaD for her, But I am not MaDE for her.

At this rose day, I am wishing you very happy rose day,
May God make your way full of beautiful red roses,
And may God remove all the thorns from your way to make your path easy.

My heart for you will never break,
My smile for you will never fade,
My love for you will never end,

There Is Something About U,
The Way U Walk,
The Way U Talk,
The Way U Smile,
And The Way U Look At Me,
Makes Me Crazy Every time. Happy Rose Day.

When I First Felt Love For You,
I Knew It Would Be Special And Forever,
This Rose Day I Wish To Honor You,
With My Love As I Always Do,
Because You Are Mine.

A rose doesn’t means for proposing love. it also means
R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life

rose day messages in english

Everyone loves the most beautiful girl,
But I love you my red rose,
As its you only who make my life beautiful.

With this rose, I reveal all my,
thoughts and feelings about you,
that I have withheld for so long,
I feel when I am with you I am like a rose,
not because of it’s beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you.

Weeter Than The Candies
Lovelier Than The Red Roses
More Huggable Than Soft Toys
That’s What You’Re
Here’s Wishing You A Rose Day.

With this rose, I’m not only give you merely a rose.
But I give you my heart and soul.
I sent to you all the love. I have to give.
and anything else that would give me the Chance,
to touch your heart.

Rose is not only a flower,
It is a symbol of love,
It indicates that true love never ends,
But always live in the hearts of true lovers.

You are the real rose of my garden,
Your breathe gives me scent of roses,
Your eyes are like diamonds,
When you see me, it brightens my face,

Be regular as clock
Be soft as flower
Be strong as rock
Be nice as me
I know its difficult

You Are The One I Have Always Dreamed Of,
The One I Have Always Wanted Beside Me,
Beautiful And Gentle Like A Rose,
You Always Calm Me When I Need You,

THE BEST ROSE DAY 2018 SMS for Girlfriend

When A Touch Could Heal A Wound,
When Eyes’s Could Speak Volumes,
When A Smile Can Confirm I M There,
Then Why Do V Need Onwards 2 Say I Love You.

I asked God for roses,
And God gave me garden of Rose,
I asked him a drop of water,
And God gave me an ocean,
I asked Him for angel
And God gave me you my love!
Happy Rose Day Sweet Heart.

But just keep trying
Be fresh as Rose.
Happy Rose Day
My heart beats when you smiles,
My lungs breathe when you talk to me,
The day, you become silent,
I get disturbed as I get problems in breathing and beating,

Rose Means! Promise of a new beginning.
Welcome Back,Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Remember Me, Jealousy,
“I care” So I Love U With Rose.

In the Flower, My Rose is U.
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is U.
In the Sky, My Moon is U.
I’m only Body, My Heart is U.
That’s Y I always Miss You.

Everything About You Is Interesting, Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty, Your Scent And Your Company. I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face. I Love You My Precious Rose.

R Is For Red,
Red Is For Blood,
Blood Is For Heart,
Heart Is For Love, Love Is For You,
You’re For Me Forever.

Although We Are Apart,
Trust Me No One Can Stop Me
From Thinking Of You.
May This Valentines Bring Us Much Closer.

Morning is Lucky,Because She have Sun.
Sky Is Lucky,Because sky has stars.
Rose Is Lucky,Because she Is most pretty.
I am lucky,because you are my love

With this rose,
I reveal all my thoughts & feelings,
about u,
dat I’hv with held 4 so long,
I feel when I’m wid u I’m lyk a red rose,
not be-coz of its beauty,
but only be-coz taht,
i’m able 2 bloom & grow with only u,

A Single Rose for u for being in my life,
Thank you so mush to complete my Life.

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