How Trump could make America great again

Donald Trump is a master at playing on fears.

And he’s also a master of making the most extreme fear go away.

Trump’s agenda has never been more powerful than it is now, and he is doing it in a way that many in the political class have never done before.

His supporters can’t imagine anything worse.

So the first thing Trump does when he is sworn in is to send out a tweetstorm in which he blasts Democrats, the press, and anyone who is skeptical of his presidency.

The president, after all, won the election because he is the least unpopular president in history.

This is Trump’s mantra: “I’m not the one you want.

You don’t want me.”

But it’s a strategy that is losing traction.

The media are already taking it out on the press.

When CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he would consider pardoning former President Richard Nixon in January, he responded, “No, I wouldn’t.

But we’ll see what happens.”

That’s not the only time Trump has gone out of his way to make his opponents look like fools.

When he campaigned for the presidency, he repeatedly accused the media of being part of the “rigged system” and warned that the media was “sabotaging the country.”

But the first sign that Trump was preparing to use the Twitter storm was when he tweeted about a group of Democratic members of Congress.

He later tweeted about an unnamed Democrat who had been suspended from the House Democrats.

But by then, the president’s campaign was already being mocked on social media for its lack of enthusiasm for the tweets.

It’s not clear what, if anything, the White House will do about these tweets, which are being deleted quickly.

But it is clear that Trump has lost his appetite for this sort of behavior and is moving away from the style of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

In addition to being the least popular president in the history of the country, Trump has also presided over the largest tax cut in history and the biggest spending cuts since World War II.

He has also led a global recession and has created jobs at a time when the economy has struggled.

Trump has repeatedly promised to build a wall on the southern border and has been the most aggressive in his pursuit of amnesty, including the DACA program.

Trump is the only president in modern American history who has not put a permanent freeze on immigration.

This will make it harder for him to negotiate an agreement with Democrats on how to reduce the deficit, and it will make him look like a weak president who is unwilling to get tough on immigration reform.

Trump also seems to be taking the threat of nuclear war far more seriously than his predecessor.

The American public has grown weary of nuclear confrontation, and this was one of the few times that the president actually took steps to mitigate the threat.

During a rally in Florida in April, Trump warned his supporters not to “give up on the country” because “you’re going to get us into some real trouble.”

He also used the threat to call for a major increase in defense spending.

“The only way we’re going get through to a new generation of patriots and our young people is if we’re very careful,” Trump said.

Trump said in May that if he won the presidency in November, he would make a deal with Democrats to cut spending on the military and to build the border wall.

The first president to make this kind of promise in American history is George Washington, who in 1789 famously said, “I would have never had the strength to give my enemies the advantage of having to make a stand, but I will have the strength of the people to defend themselves.”

In fact, Trump is already taking steps to make the president look weak and desperate by not backing down from the tweets he has already made.

On May 5, the day before he was sworn in, Trump tweeted: “We’re now in the very early stages of the Great War, and we have not even started.

We are going to have to make decisions.

We can’t do this, we have to get out and win the war.”

This tweet was the first in a string of tweets from the president that have called for “massive military spending” and “total war.”

In a March 23 tweet, Trump said he would “start a total war with North Korea,” warning that if they do not stop “they will be forced to accept a trade embargo, massive military spending and the dismantling of their nation.

We will have total war.”

And on May 16, Trump wrote, “The U.S. will begin a total military strike on North Korea, including bombing and shelling of their nuclear facilities, starting on March 16th.”

He has repeatedly said that he wants to start a nuclear war.

And on Wednesday, he said that if North Korea doesn’t “stop its nuclear program immediately, we will have to have total military action, including nuclear