How to win a trip to the World Cup 2019: Italy

Italian festival attire for the World Cups and World Championships are coming soon to the NFL.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced Tuesday that its 2020 season will include the World Champions in a “first of its kind” program for the event.

The World Cup will be the largest event of its type in European soccer history.

The game will also feature the Italy squad, which will be coached by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, and former Manchester United assistant Sam Allardyce.

“The World Cup has been the biggest sporting event in Italian football history and I think it’s important for us to have a programme like this that will bring Italy’s best players and players from around the world to compete in this tournament,” FIGC President Roberto Maradona told ESPN FC.

“This is not just a programme for players, but also for the fans.

This is a programme that will make the fans happy, and that’s why we decided to create this programme.”

The program will also include “World Cup experience,” including training camps, the FIFA Club World Cup and a training camp in the U.S. and Italy, with players from the U-17 World Cup, the U17 European Championships, the UEFA Europa League, and the AFC Champions League.

Players from the FIFA U-16 World Cup are already part of the program, which was announced in February and includes players from eight countries including Brazil, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and the U18 World Cup finalists in Greece.

The squad also includes the likes of striker Mario Gomez, who scored the winning goal in the final against the United States, and forward Marco Rizzuto, who is also a member of the U16 squad.

The squad will also have players from UEFA’s Europa League — which was a major sponsor of the World Series of Poker tournament — and the Italian Premier League.

The FIFA Club Cup will also be played in Italy.

“We have a good track record with all the World Clubs participating in these tournaments, and we have great partners in the UEFA European Club Cup, with our first-team players and some of the best players from across Europe,” FIGS executive director Maurizio Martino told

“This year we will also focus on our youth program, because we will introduce the World Youth Cup to the world through a World Cup experience, and then we will do a European Youth Cup in 2021.”

Players from UEFA Europe’s Europa, AFC Champions, and Premier League will also play in the World Games program, with former Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez and former Barcelona striker Luis Suarez among those expected to take part.

Martino told Sport Italia that the program will include training camps at a number of different locations, including at the new training facility in Italy, at the Ponte Vecchio stadium in Florence, and at the Marassi training complex in the town of Maranello.

“In 2020, the World Club Championships will also start in Italy,” he said.

“We are also looking at the World Championships in 2019, and I can’t say too much about them, but in 2019 we will have the World Under-21 Championships, and this year we have the National Youth Championships, in 2019.”

In 2020 FIFA will announce the winner of the competition in each of the four countries in the group stage, with the winner to be crowned the FIFA World Player of the Year.