How to watch the UK country music festival tomorrowland in 2019

The UK’s country music festivals are on their way to the big screen for the first time ever in 2019.

From the iconic Royal Albert Hall to the Royal Festival Hall to a host of new ones, tomorrowland will bring a new generation of fans to the UK, and a new musical adventure.

BBC Sport will be there to capture it all in 2019, with our full schedule of events.

Read on for our top 10 highlights from tomorrowland 2019.

TOP 10 LIVES IN THE WORLD Today’s Top 10 highlights are: • 10-Day festival at the Royal Albert, Birmingham, UK • UK tour at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Leeds, UK, from March 4-6 • National Theatre, London, UK from March 6-7 • National Concert Hall, Edinburgh, UK on March 15-16 • Royal Opera House, Manchester, UK until March 31 • Royal Festival of Music, Brighton, UK for the last two weekends • Royal Academy of Music & Drama, Birmingham • Royal Theatre, Cardiff, UK at the end of March • National Arts Centre, Newcastle, UK till April 5 • Royal Philharmonic, Edinburgh • Royal Shakespeare Company, London • Royal Albert hall, Birmingham until April 6 • Royal Park, Edinburgh from April 6-9 • Royal National Opera, London from April 9-10 • Royal Ulster Institute, Belfast • Royal Victoria and Albert Museum, Belfast until April 11 • Royal Manchester University, Manchester until April 12 • Royal Welsh Academy, Newport, Wales until April 13 • Royal Lyceum, Glasgow until April 14 • Royal College of Music and Drama, Glasgow • Royal Ballet Theatre, Edinburgh until April 15 • Royal Conservatory of Music of Wales, Newport from April 16-17 • Royal London Academy of Art, London until April 17 • Royal South Wales College of Art and Design, Swansea until April 18 • Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh till April 19 • Royal Palais Royal, London for the final two weeks of the festival • Royal Botanic Gardens, London till April 20 • Royal British Legion, London and London’s Festival of Lights, April 21-23 • Royal Cornwall Museum, Cornwall from April 23-25 • Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Cornwall, from April 27-29 • Royal Air Force Museum, London to May 3 • Royal New York Academy of Sciences, New York from May 3-4 • Royal Court Theatre, Leicester until May 4 • Royal Horticultural Society, London on May 5 • National Gallery of Art London, London through May 7 • National Museum of Scotland, Glasgow from May 8-11 • Royal Geographical Society, Edinburgh through May 11 • National Opera House (UK) until May 14 • National Maritime Museum, Aberdeen, Scotland until May 15 • National Marine Museum, Stirling, Scotland till May 16 • Royal Zoological Society, Birmingham and Aberdeen until May 17 • National Trust, Edinburgh for the next four weeks • National Travel Museum, Edinburgh throughout May 20-22 • Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada until May 23 • National War Memorial Museum, Washington, DC through May 24 • National Library of Wales and Wales Foundation, Cardiff until May 25 • National Zoo Wales, Cardiff through May 25-26 • Royal Canadian Museum, Kingston, Jamaica through May 26 • National Theater Wales, Leeds through May 27 • National Centre of Photography, London via May 27-28 • Royal Film Institute of Scotland and Wales, Edinburgh and Glasgow through May 28-29 (the UK’s biggest festival) • National Exhibition Centre, Manchester and Newcastle from May 29-31 • National Folk Museum, Liverpool through May 31-June 2 • Royal B&B Museum, Sheffield through June 3-5 • National Art Gallery, London June 5-7; Royal National Gallery, Birmingham June 5 and 6; Royal Opera Houses, Edinburgh June 6 and 7; Royal Festival Gardens, Brighton June 7 and 8; National Gallery and Tate Modern, Tate for the Festival of the Year; National Theatre Wales, Newcastle through June 10-12; National Maritime Academy, Aberdeen June 10 and 11; National Art Museum, Birmingham through June 11-13; National Botanic Garden, Newcastle June 11 and 12; Royal Botanical Gardens, Liverpool June 12 and 13; National Music Hall, Manchester June 13 and 14; National Museum, Cardiff June 14-16; National Library, Birmingham; Royal Lycée de Paris, Paris June 14 through June 16; National National Theatre (UK), London June 16 through June 17; National Film Museum, Nottingham and London through June 18; National Natural History Museum, Oxford and London June 18 through June 20; Royal Scottish Museum, Glasgow through June 21-24; National Museums Wales, Wales and Scotland through June 24-26; National Marine Laboratory, Plymouth through June 27-30; Royal Welsh Art Gallery and the Royal Welsh College of Surgeons, Newport through June 30; National Opera Hall, London July 1 through July 7; National War Museum, Germany through July 8; Royal Canadian War Memorial, Ottawa through