How to organise a Diwali-themed festival

Celebrating the end of Diwallya, the Indian holiday that celebrates all the goodness in life, is the perfect time to kick off the new year. 

While some of the big names like Lorde, Beyoncé and Beyoncé, as well as artists like Kanye West, will be in attendance, there are many other festivals to take part in and some new ones to explore. 

For a full list of all the festivals across the country, check out this guide to the best festival locations around India. 

However, there is one event that is absolutely vital for Diwals’ celebration. 

The festival of dawah (the Arabic word for ‘happy’), which is celebrated in every part of India.

In fact, the name of this festival comes from the fact that the celebrations take place during the Dajjal-Yajna, a time when the sun sets and the moon rises, giving the name Dawsah. 

In the name, the festival is called the Happy Diwala, and is the culmination of a thousand years of celebration in the Indian subcontinent. 

So when you’re looking to celebrate a festival that is celebrated across India and around the world, this is the time to start planning your festivities. 

Happy Diwalas are usually held in mid-May and mid-June. 

To find out more about Diwallas celebrations, visit the Happy Festival calendar on the FourFourSecond website. 

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