How to celebrate the 2017 Manitowooc FESTIVAL foods

Festivities have continued with the festival season, with food and drink options on offer for the general public at various restaurants, bars and pubs across the city.

A special festival food menu will be available throughout the city for those that would like to eat some of the most popular dishes.

From food to drinks to cocktails, there’s something for everyone, from those who love the outdoors to those who enjoy the finer things in life.

A large selection of food will be on offer, with traditional dishes including sautéed chicken and shrimp, and fresh produce from the gardens.

Here are some of our favourites: Sashimi at La Bicca, 7:00pm The signature of La Bici’s signature, La Biche, is a saucy combination of the traditional and modern.

La Bicha is a new take on the traditional, incorporating the classic flavors of sautéeed vegetables and fish, plus fresh herbs and spices.

As well as their signature dish, they serve some delicious and inventive dishes, such as the fried pork belly stuffed with grilled tomatoes and spicy chorizo.

The price is reasonable, too.

Get in line for a table on the main plaza.

The menu is also updated every year, so be sure to check it out.

Bocce Ball at La Paz, 11:00am The Bocces Ball is a unique festival that was established to celebrate people’s love of the Bocca, a traditional ball sport.

La Paxa has always been the best-known venue in town, and its a must for any celebration, whether it be a wedding, birthday or other special occasion.

From this day, everyone in town is welcome to take part in the Boche Ball, and they’ll receive free tickets to all other Boccas.

The venue is also open for private parties and birthday celebrations.

The best part is that it’s free to play, and you can also purchase tickets online.

Boche at El Cucaracha, 11am Bocas, also known as “pazones”, are a traditional Argentine restaurant that’s a favourite of local Argentines.

It’s no surprise that La Cucaroa, the popular name of the restaurant, is still one of the best in town.

Boca de Tenderloin is the official name of this restaurant, but the menu is actually quite extensive.

From the traditional Pazones to more recent ones, you’ll be sure that you’ll find something you’re in for.

If you’re craving a nice cold beer and a good conversation, head to El Tenderoin.

A great place for a bite to eat, Boca is a must-try.

You can even take part and try to become the first person to eat at the place.