5 Ways to Play the World’s First-Ever Minecraft Festivals

This year, the world’s first Minecraft festival is being held at the Monterey Pop Festival, in Monterey, California.

The festival, which has a capacity of 40,000 people, will take place on June 1.

The first event to be held in the United States, the festival has taken the form of a Minecraft mini-meltdown.

The event, which took place on the grounds of the National Press Club in the spring of 2017, saw about 30,000 Minecraft enthusiasts descend on the world to build a virtual world of their own.

In addition to the Minecraft mini meltingdowns, there have been a number of other innovations.

The biggest one is the “block of the day.”

Each day, people can take part in a contest, in which they build blocks that have been specially designed to be used for crafting.

The block of the days is usually made of Lego, which can be customized to suit the preferences of the participants.

In a video that has gone viral, a group of builders dressed as Minecraft players and Lego players built a block with an eye-catching design, as well as a “Block of the Day” themed building.

“Block Of The Day” The other innovation is the block of blocks, which are a collection of different block types that have the same name.

This year’s Block of the Days is made of bricks, with the bricks being made up of two layers.

“Blocks of the Month” and “Block In The Park” are a combination of the Block of Days and Block In The Parks.

The Block of The Month, for example, is made up out of different blocks from various Lego bricks, including a few Lego versions of the Star Wars and Minecraft characters.

The Lego version of the character, Chewbacca, is part of the “Block in the Park” set.

The “Block City” theme, meanwhile, is also made up from bricks and blocks.

This month’s Block In the Park set is made from the same blocks as the Lego blocks.

In the video above, a Lego Minecraft player makes his Minecraft block of choice by building a LEGO version of an old building, with a wooden roof.

The builder also built a Lego version with a different design of a building, and he even built a “Door Of The Month” version of a door.

In each of the video’s “Blockin the Park”-style videos, the builder also shows off some of his creations in a Lego-themed video.

As you can see in the video below, this year’s “blockin the park” event will feature several Minecraft blocks, and you can also see the Lego versions in the next videos.

“block-of-the-month” This year marks the first time that Minecraft blocks will be used as part of a festival’s theme.

In 2017, Minecraft block “blocks” were used as the theme of the Monty Pop Festival.

“This year, I have chosen to use Minecraft blocks as a theme,” the organizers of the festival wrote on the festival’s Facebook page.

“We will use blocks as themes for the festival to represent the many different ways that Minecraft can be used in the world.”

Minecraft has also been featured in several other video games.

In 2016, Minecraft fans in San Francisco won a contest to build an immersive, immersive Minecraft world that could be visited by the public.

The winner of the contest, named “Minecraft Fest” was also the person who created the world in which the contest took place.

The game Minecraft: Story Mode also featured a “block” theme in the games version of its main event.

A Minecraft mini festival has also previously been held in Japan, and a Minecraft festival was held in China in 2015.