Romantic Movies For Valentines Day, Movies To Watch During Valentines Day 2018

Valentines Day Movies 2018, Romantic Movies For Valentines Day 2018, Movies To Watch During Valentines Day 2018

In history of cinema, it never fails to produce romantic films just for Valentine’s Day. Through the years, there are some films that you can watch repeatedly but remains to be effective in stirring emotions.

Some all time favorite romantic films include An Affair to Remember, Casablanca, Pretty Woman, Shakespeare In Love, and Titanic.

The 1942 Casablanca film was about a love triangle between a nightclub owner in Morocco and his former lover who has a Czech rebel and nationalist husband. The story revolves around the dilemma of a man between winning the woman he loves and helping his rival escape from the French-occupied Moroccan City of Casablanca. As highly acclaimed film, the characters, music, and phrases have become famous to the extent of including it in the list of greatest films of all time. It won three Academy Awards, including the Best Picture.

The 1957 An Affair to Remember is named the most romantic movie of all time according to American Film Institute. The story revolves around Terry and Nickie, played respectively by Deborah Kerr Cary Grant. The two meet on a ship travelling across the Atlantic Ocean. They eventually fall in love though both are engaged to other people. When they bid adieu to each other, they promised to meet atop the Empire State Building in six months if the feelings remain the same. The theme song “An Affair to Remember,” which was performed by Vic Damone, contributed to the success of the film.

Moving forward to the 90s, Pretty Woman is a blockbuster romantic comedy that reached a gross of 464 million dollars. The film is a love story between a prostitute and a wealthy businessman and corporate man. Julia Roberts played Vivian Ward while Richard Gere played Edward Lewis. Edward hired Vivian to be his escort in many businesses functions. Eventually, the two fall for each other.

From this Cinderella-story inspired plot, Roberts won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for Academy Awards for her role.

In 1998, Shakespeare in Love is another romantic comedy film. This is fictional film that revolves around the imagining of the young William Shakespeare—played by Joseph Fiennes—until he falls in love with a wealthy young woman. Shakespeare is struggling writer while the woman, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, disguises just to be an actor. The two eventually fall for each other.

Worth noting however, some of the characters are real people and some characters and lines are based on Shakespeare’s literary works.

An award winning blockbuster movie, Titanic is about the sinking of Titanic, the biggest ship of her time. The plot revolves around the love story of Jack and Rose, played respectively by Leonardo Di Carpio and Kate Winslet. Though coming from two different social classes, they eventually fall in love aboard the ship. The characters and story may be fictional but the sinking of Titanic is a real event.

Until now, no film has ever surpassed the commercial success of Titanic. It also won seven Academy Awards.

These five films have never failed to stir emotions from its audience making them an all-time favorite of moviegoers and lovers, especially during the love month.

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