Happy Kiss Day 2018: Did you know these 10 different types of kisses?

Didn’t we all love reading fairytales while growing up? While Cinderella defeated her evil stepsisters with grace, Bella fell in love with a Beast solely because he was a nice person.  There was a lot to take back from each fairytale. While we revisit our childhood, the world is busy gearing up to prepare for Valentine’s Day. From heart-shaped balloons to gigantic teddy bears, Valentine’s Week has begun and fairytales are coming true for lovers all around the world. While we’re busy hugging our bae to commemorate Hug Day, tomorrow is Kiss Day.

Here we are sharing different types of kisses which you must try this Kiss Day 2018.

1) Eskimo Kiss


Do you remember the scene in 3 Idiots where Aamir Khan thinks the nose comes in between while you’re kissing someone? The Eskimo kiss is actually two noses that run against each other right before you get intimate. A comfortable option during the cold weather, the Eskimo Kiss is a rather cute gesture.

2) French Kiss

One of the most popular kinds of a kiss, the French Kiss is an intimate act between two lovers. With a lot of tongue movement, the French Kiss is often addressed as the most passionate kind of kiss.

3) Butterfly Kiss

Quite similar to what the name suggests when two people come really close to each other’s face and their eyelashes touch. Studies suggest that the butterfly kiss occurs between people either who are madly in love or those who are crazy about each other.

4) Spiderman Kiss

A fan of the Spiderman movie? Well, this kind of kiss involves spidey being upside down and May Jane planting a kiss on him.

5) Lizard Kiss

One of the most passionate kisses ever, the lizard kiss involves rapid tongue movement just like a lizard. Interested in trying this out?

6) Vampire Kiss

Just like the name goes, the vampire kiss is mainly revolving around kissing in the neck region.

7) Air Kiss

A kiss that is more like a greeting gesture. Here’s how it’s done.

8) Kiss on Angel

This is what people indulge in when they’re deeply in love with someone. Apart from their forehead, you land up kissing their eyes and that is the kiss of angel. Wanting to tell someone you love them without having to say the three magical words, here’s what you must indulge in.

9) Leave a mark kiss

Want the world to know about your love for your bae? Dab on some scarlet lipstick and kiss away.

10) Forehead Kiss

One kiss that everyone loves is the forehead kiss. An expression of love, the forehead kiss is an easy way to tell someone how much you love them.

Whether it’s to tell your mother a thank you or to tell your lover how much you love them, go plant a kiss on the people you love the most.

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