10 Unique Valentine’s day gift ideas for Girlfriend/Wife/Her

The sweetness of a gift is enhanced multifold when you put your heart and soul into it and personalize it in a way that your lover finds interesting. Romantic words, flowers and cakes are always part of all celebrations involving you and your partner. This time, why not think out of the box and create something gorgeous for him or her. Here are some valentines day gift ideas that you can adopt for this V-day:

1. Women always love to be gifted jewellery irrespective of what the occasion is. On Valentine’s day, if you present her with a delicate, sweet heart-shaped pendant made of platinum and embellished with some diamonds on it, it would make her like no other. This could be something she can keep with herself forever and cherish.

2. It is needless to say that girls love clicking photos. Although smartphone photography has made way to everyone’s lives in a huge way, we still haven’t forgotten to take photos using our conventional cameras, frame them and have them placed on tables in our living rooms and bedrooms. Buy a beautiful photo frame for your girlfriend and frame the most beautiful picture you have with her and make her day.
3. Another gift you can think of is beauty care products. If your girlfriend loves to take care of her skin and body and take a lot of effort in doing so, she would feel very happy if you would gift her a beautiful range of premium beauty care products including skin whiteners, body lotion from premium brands like Forest Essentials, hair vitalizer and others.
4. Which girl is not a fan of aromatic oils and scented candles? Valentine’s day being the most romantic day of the year, this would be a perfect gift for her. Gift her favourite scent like rose, jasmine, lotus, sandalwood, etc.
5. Finally, as old as this gift idea is, it is just as sweet. A box of chocolates. No special day can be complete without some sweet treat involved. Buy a box of delicious chocolates, pack them with love, decorate the gift hamper and share the

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