10 Unique Valentine’s day gift ideas For Boyfriend/Husband

The sweetness of a gift is enhanced multifold when you put your heart and soul into it and personalize it in a way that your lover finds interesting. Romantic words, flowers and cakes are always part of all celebrations involving you and your partner. This time, why not think out of the box and create something gorgeous for him or her. Here are some ideas that you can adopt for this V-day:

Gifts for boyfriend/husband 2018

1. A set of wine glasses would be something he would never expect you to gift him on this special day. Find a pair of slender, stylish wine glasses on Flipkart, pack them beautifully and surprise him on the V-day.
2. Is your husband a book lover? Find out the genre of books he loves to read. There can be no better gift than a book for a book lover, irrespective of what the occasion is. Browse for some of the best sellers and make him happy on the special day.
3. If your guy is a travel enthusiast, pick for him a great DSLR camera from Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. Along with this, you could also put some more interesting things in the basket like a travel kit and a travel book.
4. Something else your boyfriend or husband wouldn’t expect you to gift to him is a gaming console. For a gaming freak, it cannot get better than this. Get him an Xbox or a PS4 and make his day.
5. For a sports enthusiast, a great pair of sports shoes would not only be extremely useful but also motivate him to do better in his sport. This can be a very thoughtful gift for him from you.

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